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3D Scan – Wiedikon Bahnhof Graffiti

The Wiedikon train station in Zürich, Switzerland has a wall that features something quite rare in Switzerland, namely: graffiti. Sometimes Zürich seems ultra-clean and a bit too Disney like—making this is a refreshing slice of gritty street art.

Image Acquisition

Images where shot perpendicular to object

Images where shot perpendicular to object

46 images where shot facing perpendicular to the wall spaced roughly a half meter side-step apart. The best results seem to be derived from shooting in RAW format, then later converting the images to jpeg format saving them with very little or no compression. In this test the shooting angle was not changed, always shooting directly at the wall.

Agisoft Photoscan

It seems that Photoscan had a problem with only using straight-on images. The results might have been better had included images take and various angles.

Autodesk recap360

Once again recap360 delivers an impressive results. Not only was it faster than photoscan, but it is nearly a fully automated solution that delivered a very clean result.

Microsoft Photosynth

Just for fun, here is the same shot as a Photosynth ‘wall’.

Kreativ Team Session

Das Send2Scan Team hat sich zu einer kreativen Session auf einer Schweizer Alm getroffen. Ziel war es kreative Ideen für den Einsatz von 360° Fotografie zu entwickeln. Herausgekommen ist u.a. diese kurze Team Präsentation mit einem eigens entwickelten Filter, den wir “Doro” getauft haben.